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Get Honest and Effective Plumbing in the West Portland Metro Area

Are you looking for a reliable plumber in the west side Portland area? Then look no further than The Plumbers Inc. for all of your plumbing needs! With nearly a century of plumbing experience amongst their seven journeymen, your plumbing project will get the reliable and professional work that it deserves. With fair, competitive rates complementing our goal of providing you the best plumbing services(H2) you’ve ever experienced, you can rest assured that any plumbing project or emergency will be completed quickly, honestly, and professionally...

When was the last time you read all the fine print on a contract or bid that you accepted? One of the common tricks of the plumbing industry is to give customers a low bid for a project, but not include any fees they might associate with the job. Then, when you get your bill, you’re paying sometimes hundreds of dollars more than what you thought you’d be spending!

At The Plumbers Inc., we give you a fair estimate for our services. You can expect to receive from us:

  • No travel time charges included,
  • Reliable scheduling,
  • Advance notice of one of our plumbers being dispatched, and
  • No unfair supply up-charges.

There will be same day cancellation fees, however; if an appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice. That fee is a flat one time fee per scheduled occurrence.

Your plumbing problems can be enough of a hassle as it is. Why worry about being hassled by the plumbing contractor(H3) you hired to take care of the problem too? At The Plumbers Inc., you’ll get the very best from us, every single time.

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Water can damage a home quickly. The immediate effects of water damage could be a soaked floor, puddles in the bottom of your cabinetry, waterlogged carpeting and padding, and ruined drywall. Further damage can include mold and rot. It only takes a couple days for molds to start growing when you’ve got a plumbing leak, so having reliable plumbing in Portland west metro that’s just a phone call away is important.

As the water seeps into your floor, and eventually it will, it can begin to rot out the sub-flooring. This is especially common with toilets and bathtubs that aren’t properly tightened and caulked. Our journeymen will take a look at your situation, show you where there may previous water damage that went undetected, and let you make the decision about what is right for your home.

No pressure. No hard sells. Just reliable plumbing services from one of the most experienced plumbing contractors in the entire west Portland metro area.

The Advantages of Hiring The Plumbers Inc.

Convenience. With just one contact, you can schedule a time for us to come out and bid on your project, talk to us about your plumbing repair, or even book in a time for one of our journeymen to work in your home. It’s not a complicated process that forces you into a run-around as you try to manage your plumbing repair, or project.

A full range of plumbing services. When you need plumbing repair in Portland west metro area, you should have one place to call for all of your plumbing needs. Our journeymen have the experience to take care of any plumbing repair, or project, you may have. You can rest assured that our professional repairs will be completed quickly and reliably.

Affordable. At The Plumber’s Inc., we’re not in business to make a quick buck off of your plumbing emergencies. We charge a fair, competitive rate for our services that is often better than what our competition can offer. We don’t disguise fees to pad our pockets. Our plumbers in Portland’s west side have one goal in mind: to get your repairs done as soon as possible.

Guaranteed work. You should have confidence in the plumbers in Portland that you call. All plumbers must be insured and bonded, but it shouldn’t stop there! To access a bond, you’d have to submit photos of poor craftsmanship, file a claim, and hire an alternative plumber based on the funds you would get from that claim. That process can take a long time if you’ve got a plumbing emergency! The labor that our journeymen put into your repair project is guaranteed. If our repair fails because of poor craftsmanship, then we’ll fix it with no further cost to you.

Don’t Put Off Your Plumbing Project Any Longer!

Do you have a plumbing project that you’ve been putting off? Is there a plumbing emergency that needs to be taken care of right away? As plumbing contractors in the Portland west metro area. The Plumbers Inc. can take care of your repair or installation project affordably and reliably. Don’t risk having more damage occur on your property! Call the best plumbers in the Portland west metro area for your job today – the journeymen at The Plumbers Inc. 503-519-6644

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